To attract new partners or obtain debt financing, you have to start with a Business Plan, this follows a method to present the real possibilities and define the viability of a business, and of the methods that are planned to commercialize. Some aspects may be: marketing, organization and production, the legal structure and financial runs, which help to know what to expect and achieve the expected economic goals.

For new investors, a “Due Diligence” is carried out.

We can help you by carrying out a financial and compliance audit, we will indicate the observations of risks and weaknesses with recommendations for improvement in said areas; this creates value by providing certainty and confidence in the information to third parties.

If you are thinking of attracting new partners, our financial consultants will advise you to value the business as it is and what could be expected with the investment you can get, based on our experience.

Not all private equity investors are the same, many have different ideas regarding expectations and approach, so it is important to understand the context of each deal.

Private equity can add tremendous value to a company: it brings knowledge and experience, but it can also present challenging demands that can sour relationships, especially if performance targets are not met. We support you in the negotiation and review of the resulting contracts to reduce risks.