When someone decides to sell their company or their participation, they have to be careful with all the details. Those that directly impact your profit are taxes and the sale price.

To sell in the best conditions it is important to make the decision in time, (even years before closing the deal) Time always helps, because analyzing potential clients and getting everything ready to get a deal takes time.

What am I selling?

The company, goods, brands, formulas, records, or which part is the one that represents the largest component of the price. The tax impact can be very different in each case, our appraisers will determine the reference prices and our tax advisory team can help you analyze the situation in each case so that you get the best advantage possible.

How to prepare a company to sell it?

Analyzing the processes, the obligations and the history of retained earnings or accumulated losses.

If your company has weaknesses today, we can help improve its processes, improve internal control and quality to offer confidence to the buyer.

It is necessary to have a strict control in the processes of generating financial information making it reliable.