If you have the opportunity to acquire an established business, or perhaps a franchise. Congratulations! It is a very exciting time, but there are many things to take care of.

Everything should start with a “Due Diligence”. The audit team validates the business value, information, the operations it carries out, the customers and their quality, as well as the products it has in inventory and what would be included in the sale. We make sure that things exist, their state of usefulness and conservation, Additionally we ask that the appraisers give us their market price references.

Verifying the value of the client portfolio, as well as the sales, costs and expenses reported is key to determining the feasibility of the purchase. It is common that one of the main reasons for acquiring an already established business is the value of the channel and its operating cost structure. Our business process team will analyze your entire process and the auditors will assess it because this is the company’s cash flow generator.

Other aspects monitor closely as buyer:

  • The leverage and other commitments that the company has, this to avoid surprises.
  • Value key personnel: it is vital when acquiring a business.
  • The integration of an organizational culture.

Once we conclude our report on the risks and values ​​of the business according to the financial statements, our Merger and Acquisitions experts as well as our Legal specialist’s team will advise you on the best sales mechanics and conditions.

Finally, we provide tax and corporate advice to determine the appropriate strategy or options to close the deal, taking into account all related legal and tax aspects.

The tax portion can be a determining factor in the price to pay. Not only because of the certainty of the normal obligations on the date of purchase, but also because of the way in which it is structured. Our tax specialists will advise the best way to close the deal taking these aspects into account as well.

Know how the purchase is going to be financed, will it be all capital? Will the shares or assets be purchased, should it be purchased from individuals or from a holding company? All these questions require complex study and vast experience to arrive to the right decision.

Finally, we understand that there is a lot at risk, and this is why our values ​​will guide our advice and performance