Whether it is a philanthropic or charitable institution, with objectives of empowering civil society or any other type of non-for-profit organization, both have particularities in terms of their constitution and legal, fiscal and accounting maintenance.

Authorized Non for-profit “Donataria autorizada”

The financial reporting standards they must follow to prepare their statements are very specific, their preparation is not common, and tax aspects are also diverse. We can support you by providing accounting services and complying with tax obligations

Prevention of illegal activities and money laundering

In Mexico, institutions that are recognized and authorized as Non for-profit org. and those that receive donations even though they are not Non for-profit org. recognized by the tax authorities, are considered by the laws of the matter as subject to compliance with various prevention obligations.

It is important to comply with the provisions in this regard and we can support you monthly in complying with them. On the other hand, we advise a large number of compliance officers of this law regarding their obligations and responsibilities.