We provide specialized advisory services in international taxation. To achieve this level of experience, we have dedicated years of service, analysis and research to be able to advise our clients in the main areas related to this sensitive matter of international taxation, as some of the most important are mentioned below.

Concrete una cita con los expertos de impuestos internacionales

  • Interpretation and appliance of the provisions of the treaties to avoid double taxation of Mexico with other States as a consequence of international operations.
  • Permanent establishment.
  • Tax residence.
  • Applicable Tax regime in accordance with treaties on payment of royalties, interest and dividends, among others.
  • Capital gains.
  • Anti-abuse rules and rules on limitation of benefits.
  • Hybrid operations.

  • Application of provisions applicable to companies in jurisdictions considered preferential regimes.
  • Substance in international operations, CFC rules and risks on treaty shopping.